23.06.2023 | Prompts for the Weekend

I’m too knackered to turn all the vague ideas into coherent sentences today, so I hope I’ll get to that on the weekend. These might be some of the prompts (and I’m jotting them down here to a) have place to look them up again and b) hold myself accountable a bit more)

  • (Men) On Public Transport | This will include a bit of my history with public transport. And today’s experience with men using public transport.
  • Book Prices vs Environment | Why does the chain of bookstores sell books a a significantly lower price than in their brick & mortar stores? What’s the deal there? The environment aspect is the whole delivery (packaging / transport) compared to me just walking by or to the store for the purchase.
  • COVID – 19 | How my perception and behaviour has changed and if that’s good / bad / neither?
  • The Pros & Cons of Socializing | Maybe…
  • The Weather | Maybe…

Here is a lovely photo from Ameland last year…

Sunset on Ameland, July 2022

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