18.06.2023 | End of the Weekend Thoughts

And just like that the weekend has passed. I’ve got not much to report / write about. It was quite warm. Almost too warm for me personally and that’s just the start of the summer. I unpacked the electric fan and checked how much electric power it needs, i.e. if I can power it from my small solar powered portable power station. That seems to work at least for a bit.

A few more thoughts on solar and electric power and such. At some point last year I started turning off unnecessary standby / power from certain appliances (microwave, washing machine, reading lamps) by unplugging when not in use. I also use said portable power station to charge my phone, power bank, tablet and such. And I started noting the use on my meter every week. If I continue with all the above, I will cut my power consumption by 25 – 30%. I still won’t have saved money, as I had to buy the small solar panels and the power station and all, but to be honest it feels good to just do something for the environment to say it in the broadest term.

But back to my boring relaxed weekend:

  • I slept.
  • I finished my rewatch of Outlander Season 6, so I’m all caught up for the new season which will start on Prime here later this week.
  • I cooked more / differently than usual thanks to the whole Intermittent Fasting “project” and more attention to proper nutrition. The fact that I can’t proper gauge portion sizes (yet) might indicate that I don’t have the healthiest relationship with food (yet).
  • Yesterday I spent too much time on Twitter (yes, I’m still using it to keep up-to-date / in touch with people) and Instagram because “Operation Mincemeat: A New Musical” were part of the big “West End Live” Event in London and the cast shared their excitement online. Which was quite fun.
Operation Mincemeat at West End Live 2023
  • I was annoyed by yet another Book TikTok person holding up a book the wrong way round into the camera, which prompted m to spend an hour or more to record my own video about it.
  • This afternoon I watched Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls at another festival on a live stream. What can I say, I like them.
  • I read a lot. I’m in a bit of a WW II phase at the moment, weird as that might sound. I blame Operation Mincemeat. After a few a bit more easy going WWII romance novels, I dove into “The Things We Hide” by Kristina MacMorris, which was so much richer and more nuanced. More harrowing with more heartbreak, but also uplifting and inspiring. So so so good. I will need to follow that up with a – hopefully – easier to digest contemporary romance: “Yours Truly” by Abby Jimenez.
  • And I also spent some time in the garden, not just reading, but also using my macro lens for the first time in ages.
Macro shot of Daisies on a dried lawn,

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