18.05.2023 | Busy, Busy, Busy….

Besides packing my suitcase and getting all the other small-ish things done that needs doing before a vacation: sort all the tickets, charge all batteries, do a basic cleaning of the flat so don’t return to a hovel, this day also went away from me.

I will have a lot of time on trains to hopefully write some more tomorrow.

For some reason I was thinking back to my first trip to Scotland in 2009 and how back in the day I – like most of us probably – “signed off” from internet for the duration of a vacation, because the internet access from abroad wasn’t so easy to get. It wasn’t really on every phone back then. Hard to imagine, right? I remember I used an internet cafe in Edinburgh. And checking my old blog (thanks for archives) I found a post I did from my hotel in Glasgow, because it came not just with WiFi but even had a computer in my room. We didn’t take tablets or similar on vacation back then either.

It’s so easy to now claim that these were “better days”, with less distraction and such. But I don’t know if that’s true. Possibly something to ponder on the train ride tomorrow.

Here’s once again a photo from Ardvreck Castle, which I first visited on that trip in 2009. I don’t know why I was and still am drawn to it. I will definitely go back there (for the at least 3rd time since then) on the upcoming trip.

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