17.05.2023 | Oh, So Tired

I’m off work for almost 3.5 weeks now. Us lucky Germans have a few public holiday coming up, which are days off and don’t count towards the vacation days. I had such big plans to write a long post tonight about the last few days and about my plans for Scotland and some vague – neutral at least – mental health stuff.

I left work, ran some errands (not as successful as I’d hoped). Picked up pizza on the way home and even then realized I was crashing down. Physically. All of a sudden. Maybe it’s been the relief of not having to stress about work for a while? Which would be bit weird, because I didn’t think I was stressing over work so much. Not more than usual anyway. I had a really good last day at work, with a lot of positive feedback from my supervisor. Lovely chats with coworkers. It was all fine. Why do I feel like a truck ran me over?

Off to bed now. Not the way I had planned my long vacation to start, but it can’t be helped.

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