07.05.2023 | Even Lazier Sunday Thoughts

Today was such a loooong day. Ok, of course it has exactly as many as any other day: 24! But I was awake quite early around 5 AM for no good reason *sigh*. The “turn the audiobook back on and get lulled back to sleep” trick didn’t work either, as the story was kind of interesting and I was obviously not tired enough to just fall back asleep. So after about an hour of this I decided to get up. Shortly after 6 AM on a Sunday. I was in no mood to DO anything really.

  • Watched some old TV series on Prime.
  • Finished reading my novel.
  • Spent more time than I had planned on social media on my phone.
  • Did a load of laundry.
  • Thought a bit about why I have a hard time finding podcasts, that I’d like to start listening to , other than a few selected about meditation and my idea of self-care. I think maybe the fact that there are SO many about so many different topics just overwhelm me. Also the fact, that part of me also thinks if I find one I cant just jump in but need to listen to all the episodes available, which can be daunting and that totally puts me of the idea. I don’t have that “I need to listen to EVERY episode” issue with the ones I’m already semi-regualarily listen to. Why on earth does my brain thinks that with everything else?
  • Ran the dishwasher [Have not unloaded it yet though].

I’ve also done something useful and continued with my more detailed planning of my Scotland trip. I’m not moving from place to place every few days this time, but will stay in two places for about a week each. Self-catering for both, so I need to plan more proper food shopping than just the snacks for the day. It’s all been fun though. “Vorfreude” as we call it in German. It was a topic on one of “my” podcasts recently and they stated that it’s a unique German word. I didn’t know that, but it seems to be true. At least in English it’s translated to “anticipation” but “Vorfreude” is the unique “happy anticipation of something good” like a vacation.

Urquhart Castle, 2012
Urquhart Castle, 2012

I then also finally started reading the non-fiction about “Operation Mincemeat”, written by Ben MacIntyre in 2009. He has a very easy, entertaining way of telling this story. My jaw also dropped a few times, because there are so many wild aspects of this deception and how they made it work. But also about everyone involved. Enough material for 2 – 3 musicals.

And that book is where I will get back to now, or rather after having made some dinner.

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