02.04.2023 | Weekend & Podcasts

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day for me. Today even more so. Oh well. Sometimes that’s what I need and I’m doing my best to not feel guilty about it. I slept in, stayed in bed listening to my audiobook for over an hour, puttered around in my flat before my first coffee. That kind of day.

I watched the trailer for the new season of LOL (on Amazon Prime Germany) and took that as my cue to sign up for a few months of Prime again. Outlander will be back in June for half a season, so if I’ll stay on till August (?) All in all I will still pay less than half the fee for a year-long subscription. I already put “cancel Prime” in my to-do-app for August.

London, 2020
London, January 2020

Most of my time today I spent with some more travel prep for London. Making sure all my various tickets and bookings are in my mails / my cloud and I also printed them out on paper, to be sure. I also finished putting together my gift for the Operation Mincemeat Cast & Crew, which I hope I’ll be able to hand over at the stage door next Saturday. I’m a fangirl, I can’t help it.

Another “to maybe write about” prompt from this morning is “podcasts” and why I only listen to a very particular sub-genre of that and how I don’t get the fascination of the very popular ones, at least the ones up on the Spotify Germany charts. But besides being too tired now to get into and I realized I base my like/dislike or disinterest on assumptions and possible prejudice, because I haven’t listened to either one I’m claiming to be disinterested it. I might do that on my long treck to London next week. One question though: why are the podcast charts full of shows of two men talking to each other about… stuff? Why should I – as a woman – listen to that? Honest question.

I’ve subscribed to one German and three English podcasts so far, but I don’t even listen to every new episode, I pick and choose a lot. They are all about mindfulness, meditation, one about self-care (in the broadest sense). The German one are two women; The English ones are another woman (often with guests), two men talking to each other (sometimes with a guest) and another one with a male host, also often with a guest. That’s a ratio I’m quite comfortable with. Men talk a lot everywhere all the time. I try to be a bit more mindful whom I’m lending my ear, when I can choose to do so.

I’m also about 1/3 into “Great Circle”, a novel about the (fictional) woman who tried to circumvent the globe by flying over the poles in the 1950s and the actress who plays her in a biopic in the 2000s. It’s been a bit of a slow start – I already tried and gave up with this story in 2021 – and even though it’s got a bit more drive by now I’m still a bit bored by it. Not enough to put it away again. But enough of not being hooked to it 24/7. Let’s see how it will go on….

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