13.03.2023 | Tidbits

I started writing this last night while I was watching a TV show. And I had planned to add to this today, but I’m so knackered after a crappy night of sleep and an interesting workshop with about 35 people. I’m usually good with socialising by now. Haven’t always been. The “no socialising” aspect of the pandemic seem to have set me back a bit. It’s exhausting. I cancelled on my fellow local Greens tonight, but as I need to be at a committee meeting tomorrow and we have another Green event planned for Thursday, I need this evening to myself. And go to bed early.

Some of the few topics I had thought of writing about yesterday, when I got so wonderfully derailed by planning for my London vacation. In random order, because some of them have been floating in my mind for a while and I so often forgot to include it.

Antibodies | At my post COVID Checkup at my GP also got some blood which the lab also tested for COVID antibodies. I had only a negligible amount after my 2nd and 3rd vaccination: just a bit above the lowest measurable level. Having had COVID seem to have done the trick. My antibodies were off the chart. Literally! Above the highest measurable level. Such a relief! I will still be careful in crowds for a while longer, because I don’t mind wearing a mask all that much. But it takes such a load of my mind to not have to worry too much about what a potential 2nd infection would do to me.

At the workshop today I was the only one wearing a mask. The person next to me (whom I’ve known for almost 10 years now, so not a stranger and thus the question was ok) asked me “Are you wearing a mask because you have pre-conditions or do you have COVID right now?” I was baffled for a short moment, because who would go to a workshop with COVID. But… they were right, I could have done. It’s not forbidden here anymore. Not advised either but no one seems to care about rules or recommendations anyway. They also stated that they just had had COVID for the 2nd time and that it was much worse than the first time. Go figure! My mask will stay on for a while longer in indoor settings.

Books | I finished going through my “want to read” list on Goodreads and deleted about 100 or even 150? I forgot how far in the 600s I had been. I should make it a rule to a) take one off for everyone I add. And even go through it once more from time to time to cull some more.

TBC… | Like I stated above, I wrote most of that last night. I had and do have a few more random topics on my list. Not tonight though. Here is today’s macro photo. At the moment I’m limited by the things I do have at home.

Surface of a cube of wood

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