12.03.2023 | “I’ve Been Getting It Wrong for Far Too Long”

Lyrics: “Little Changes” ~ Frank Turner, 2018

Every once in a while I do wonder, if I should try and get tested for some kind of executive dysfunction disorder. I don’t want to glibly assume ADHD or something. But today was such typical – for me – day, where I start with a vague sort of plan of what to do / get done and then the plan gets completely derailed early on.

I was doing alright with some sort of morning routine, checked my phone earlier than planned but ok. Meditated a bit, journalled a bit while having my first cup of coffee. I then took my 2nd cup of coffee and sat down at my computer to do two things – one after another – before I had planned to continue with ‘the vague plan’.

After I finished the first thing – editing some of my new Macro photos – and before I had breakfast and got on with the 2nd to-do on my list – to write a blog post – I got distracted.

"Be Brave" printed on a pencil
Print on a pencil
Seashell on sand

Distracted by something that wasn’t even very high on the to-do-list. But it was fun and interesting and exciting: Doing some more detailed planning for my trip to London. That was around 10 AM.

Before I knew it it was after 2 PM. Four hours later. I still did not have breakfast nor another cup of coffee or any other beverage. Hello dehydration.

I could now try to recreate the path my then all of a sudden very focused mind took from one thought to the next and back and forth and crosswise. But that would get tedious quickly I think. And I’m not sure I could even retrace it all. It was a blur of many “oh look there is something shiny, let’s have a closer look” moments. But at least I looked with a lot of focus then. Sort of.

So what do I have to show for all the time I did not spend on any thing I had planned this morning. I have

  • a clear plan how to best get to my hotel, which is a bit outside, because London has become even more expensive
  • decided which section of the Capital Ring to walk next and on which day (depending on weather though)
  • bought a ticket for “Berlusconi, the Musical” at the (new) Southwark Playhouse
  • decided to spend some time at Battersea Power Station; for the photographic / architectural values, not for the shopping. Though they do have a book shop for travel / history stuff…
  • decided to definitely spend an evening at the Illuminated River (as there are many more bridges since I’ve been here in 2020)
Iluminated River, London 2020
Iluminated River, London 2020
  • been tempted to also buy a ticket for Hamilton (which I most probably will do after I’ve finished this post)
  • have booked a “Woman of London” Walking tour
  • booked my trains to Oxford and back, which needed some detail planning as I have to be back in London at a certain time to catch my train home. Why Oxford as well? The Lottery Winners are on tour and they bring Pet Needs. I’d have gone even if it was just the Lottery Winners, but to see Pet Needs is always a nice bonus.

After all of that I finally had some food and drink. Watched some TV. Finally gave my shower a proper deep clean, which I haven’t done in way too long. (That was #3 on my to-do-list today, so Go Me!).

I still need to give the bathroom a basic cleaning, get the laundry up from the laundry room. Have some dinner, get my stuff ready for work tomorrow. And then I’ll spend this Sunday evening like my previous three Sunday evenings: on the couch, watching TV celebrity game show: “Wer stiehlt mir die Show”. Probably reading at the same time….

And that will have been the weekend.

For the blog post I had planned to write this morning I had very different topics in mind. Next time then, unless some other “oh something shiny, let’s examine this bit” distracts me again.

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