20.02.2023 | Therapy Works (Podcast)

I’m back home from my short trip away. The drive home was rather uneventful, thank God. Unfortunately I had a crappy night sleep last night, which was not how I wanted this weekend to end. Once again I thought about taking a nap once I had unpacked and had something for lunch. Once again I decided it might mess up my (sleep) schedule too much and I also do have some things I need to attend to scheduled later today. A nap might just make it all too stressful. I think I might need some more coffee this afternoon though. Counter productive in the long run, probably, but I don’t care.

On the drive I listened to Bryony Gordon (journalist, writer, mental health advocate) as guest on the podcast “Therapy Works”. As so many podcasts / interviews with Bryony as a guest before, I came back inspired or at least felt validated in the “OMG, me too” sense. In this episode of a podcast series, I didn’t know before, but might check out some more, in the end they touched on something I just recently talked to with my therapist. Something I still need to be working on, but I’m optimistic, that I’ll be get there in the end. Parents and who they raised us and what to do with all that now that I’m a function adult with a lot of more agency about my life and my thoughts and emotions.

The vagueness of these last few sentences demonstrate that I’m still working through a lot of it all. But that’s fine. A work in progress. Anyway, I thought the title of the podcast is quite fitting, so I borrowed it for this blog post.

Not much more to write about at the moment. I could have shared all of the above in a (very) condensed form on my social media, but I try to cut back my time spent on Twitter and such, so I chose the blog format instead.

Now: coffee and books until I have to head out again.

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