19.02.2023 | Mainly Just Some Photos

The last day of my short vacation is coming to a close. I’m distracted by watching the German Celeb Quiz Show “Wer stieht mir die Show”, so this will be just a quick photo drop post.

It was still slightly raining this morning when I got into my car to drive about 30 minutes away for another hike. I almost gave up and turned around. I’m glad that I didn’t, because it stopped raining when I got to the starting point. The sun even came out for a bit.

I got home, got in the shower, made some late lunch. I thought about a nap, but realized that this would royally mess up my sleep schedule. I knew I’d spend the TV time to edit some photos (because I can’t watch these kind of shows without doing something else on the side), so I picked up “The Boundless Sea” and read for quite a while. I’m confident I’ll finish it by Thursday, which will be a year after I started it. RIght on track after all. 

Anyway, here are some photos…  

Tree standing alone on a field, blue sky with a few clouds
Open field, trees and sky
budding crocuse on a forest floor
cargo ship on the canal

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