15.01.2023 | Funky Town

Yep, I’m still a part time resident of “Funky Town” and not in the “meaning of the song” sense. Rather still living in a bit of a funk. Gloom. Gloomy Town isn’t a song though and wouldn’t work as a pun. I don’t know of this title does either.

Anyway… Work has been super super busy, unexpectedly and through no fault or even action of mine or ours (as in the whole team). It just happens that sometimes people from the outside or above in the hierarchy come up with demands we have to follow. It all worked fine and I was doing fine with it, it just took soooo many hours away from my usual work. Which sucks.

I tried to get enough sleep. Still didn’t manage to keep on top of staying hydrated throughout the day. And yes, I’m using an app for that but obviously that’s not working. I need to establish more routines for that, I think.

Mental health wise I’m doing okay-ish. I know or at least am pretty sure it will pass, so I don’t worry too much. I’m back at therapy (every two weeks from now on) and it was a bit emotional this time, but good. I think. I still need to follow up on it with some more introspection. I still delay / procrastinate that more than I should and need to work on it. Routines, routines… so hard to come by for me.

I mostly kept on top of my household chores and errands, spent some relaxing time hanging / chatting with my brothers. I managed to setup Keepass as my password manager on all my devices. Hadn’t planned to do that yet, which once again shows that I’m not the most organized and tend to procrastinate over things I should do with things I want to do. But at least I do something. I managed to finally finish two of the books I’ve been reading on and off for a while, but had to adjust my “Boundless Sea” schedule, because I was so behind. I was just too tired in the mornings or evenings for it. I still am today and I guess I’ll need to catch up next week. But I try to not stress too much about it.

Other entertainment at the moment: “Big Bang Theory”. I never got into it while it aired. Gave it a try a few years ago and watched the first 3 or 4 season, but then lost interest. Reels of the show come up pretty often when I scroll through Insta or TikTok occassionally and I’m always quite entertained, so I thought I’d give it a try again as the easy going background noise.

I’ve also recently started with a new to me cosy mystery series on audiobook to lull me to sleep at night: Bunburry. Read by Nathanial Parker and quite lovely so far. I’m at episode 4 and there are 12 or more available, so this will keep me entertained at night for a while.

The funk I’m stuck in might also be caused by the crazy amount of rain (and wind) we had over the last few days. Like constant rain. And a lot of rain. Total gloom outside. Today was the first time we got a break for almost the whole day, though the wind started getting pretty fierce from early afternoon on again. And the rain returned shortly after.

But I still managed to drag myself out for a photo walk. Go me! Here are a few of the photos. I’m going more for the “details” than the panoramas this time, it seems. Which is fine.

Blast Furnace, Henrichsh├╝tte, January 2022
Blast Furnace, Henrichsh├╝tte, January 2022
Valve at the furnace, January 2022
Valve at the furnace, January 2022
Signs on Brick Wall, January 2022
Signs on Brick Wall, January 2022

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