09.01.2022 | “Some Days I Find It Difficult to See….” (aka Self-Care II)

I think I will (need to) take a break from posting here for a while. Or at least from thinking I should post every (other) day. And from feeling bad if I don’t. But let’s be honest: My life doesn’t provide enough daily content. I work. I worry. I work. I worry… Ok, it’s not that bad, but still.

At the moment thinking about things to write about stresses me more than it relaxes me or helps me work through things. (Because “things” is such a specific term.) Anyway I’ve been feeling all over the place these past few days. Felt stressed / overwhelmed / worried too often for no good reason. And while blogging and sharing emotions and worries here publicly helps sometimes. At the moment I think I might benefit more from using this time to work through some of my issues in an analog or at least private way. Because it also involves too many situations with or relationships to other people who haven’t consented to be featured here in any way. And it’s exhausting to describe it all in vague terms.

Or to just spend my time doing other relaxing, calming activities without having to worry about blog content here.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon(ish). To share some more photos for instance. Once I’ve got a better routine editing them. That’s another thing I want and should spend more time on than just share random, boring pieces of my ordinary life here.

Illuminated Water Lillies, Dortmund, December 2022
Illuminated “Water Lillies”, Dortmund, December 2022

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