06.01.2022 | Self-Care

I couldn’t find a Frank lyric for that kind of topic, but I also didn’t search for long. I’m so freaking tired. I didn’t get enough sleep this week. I tried to go to bed earlier, but either didn’t really manage or didn’t fall asleep right away. Or was awake too early.

When I was out running some errands after work I also realized that I didn’t drink enough water all day. That’s another thing I need to pay more attention too, because I know dehydration affects my mental state of state of sluggishness.

I jotted down some prompts for a potential (longer) post on Sunday as I’ll be busy again – with some chores and some lovely activity – tomorrow.

Some of the errands was picking up some new books I had ordered. This evening I skimmed / speed read the last 25% or so of “Under the Whispering Door” (here is my 2 star review). I just wanted to get it over with and it saddens me a bit, because I like it in the beginning. But then I thought the plot was starting to drag and then became to fantastical for me. Not the best start in a new year of new fiction. Let’s hope that I like the new Talia Hibbert novel, which I picked up today, better.

Not a photo from today, but the sky looked just as nice at times. Before the rain…

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