22.12.2022 | “Back To Sleep”

Lyrics: “Back To Sleep ” ~ Frank Turner, 2008

“What are your plans for the time off?”, colleagues asked when we said goodbye on my last day for the year. “Sleep” I replied and was only half joking. I slept 9:30 hours the first night, 8:45 in the second. Yesterday I allowed myself a day to just be and not do anything. Not do anything that needs doing, that is. I spent a lot of time planning my summer vacation. More on that tomorrow, I hope. I allowed myself a lazy morning and then headed off to run a few errands. Stopped for a short walk to a view point I’ve passed so often, but never stopped to walk up to.

Tippelsberg, Bochum, December 2022
Tippelsberg, Bochum, December 2022

A few more stops, a quick chat with Bro3 and I got back home. And am ready for my bed. Again! Ugh! Maybe I’ve been running on a lot of adrenaline these past few weeks (months ?) and now that I’ve got time to relax and recharge my body really is claiming its dues. I hope it’s just that and not that the adrenaline has covered up some underlying post-COVID exhaustion issues. That’s just the nagging worrying voice in my head talking. Don’t mind her. I’m sure it’s just the regular end of a busy year exhaustion finally catching up.

Prompts for tomorrow’s post: Vacation planning. A bit of guilt. A bit of grief. Possibly some introspection….

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