19.12.2022 | Urgh….

Today was a weird day. The last to one day at work for this year. I was working from home and could not get motivated. At all. I got up later than usual, the work laptop needed tons of reboots at the beginning and the end of the day. It stayed dark outside for much longer than usual, at least that’s what it felt like. It was rainy and stormy for most of the morning here which didn’t lift my mood either. I didn’t set a foot outside so maybe it’s also the lack of oxygen ;-)?

Work seems to be winding down as well, or maybe that’s just my impression, because I was soooo not motivated today and it’s only one more day for me tomorrow. It’s going to be a long one, which sucks a bit, especially as I have to run an errand (return an item I bought, but can’t really use after all) at a store between here and work.

During my lunchbreak I realized that I might have done something to crash part of my notes / calendar cloud installation and loose some / many of the files and data. Urgh! Again. I just now might be able to save some of them from the synced device I’m typing this on. But I need to look into the whole setup and maybe re-install / re-upload stuff over my holidays. I sometimes enjoy fiddling and playing around with these things. Right now though it all feels a bit overwhelming.

But I’m also on my period, so I might just blame the crappy mood on those hormones (Easy way out). So tonight will be a lazy, comfy night on the couch. With pizza from the delivery service, because I couldn’t be bothered to cook some dinner. But also planning ahead to tomorrow night, which will be a late one (see above) and I know I won’t be in the mood to cook then either. So half a pizza tonight, the other half tomorrow it is.

To lift the mood a bit, here is a photo of Ardvreck Castle. I plan to return there this summer, as I’ll be staying about one hour drive away by the coast.

Ardvreck Castle Ruins, Scotland
Ardvreck Castle Ruins, Scotland

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