16.12.2022 | Hello… *waves*

Katwijk beach, December 2022

Just a quick and short post, posted from my phone, because I can’t be bothered to boot any other digital device. I’m still alive and well and around, just: swamped at work and constantly tired. These two facts are not necessarily related. Just facts. Things at work are good though: projects are progressing nicely. I’m getting good feedback and I feel competent. Which, I admit, I usually don’t feel so often, without a nagging critical voice tearing me down right after. Which is a good sign that therapy seems to have helped with this issue at least. This week’s therapy session was the last for the year and we used it to reflect and I do feel like I’ve come quite a bit since I started.

I’ll write more on therapy and work and books and life and possibly other stuff hopefully at some point this weekend. I need sleep first. Or rather some food, some vegging out on the couch, then some sleep.

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