23.11.2022 | “Every Once in a Few Months When All the Punches Land…”

Lyrics: “Punches” – Frank Turner, 2021

It’s one of these days where I end / leave work full of plans of what to do after. And then just a bit – a 50 minutes drive and a stop at the supermarket – later, I’m feeling too knackered for anything. Ugh! I had an easy dinner, while streaming an episode on Prime, scrolling through some social media feeds. I might take my book and go to bed very early today. I need to start working (from home) early-ish, because I want to leave early-ish to drive to Cologne to see Pet Needs. I should get a decent amount of sleep for that.

Anyway…. Today was a good day! And I had planned to memorize some of that in a longer blog post. There still was and is a tiny voice in my head listing all the tiny things that did not went 100% perfect or well today. But luckily I’m able by now to put it all into perspective. Many more things went well today than not, so: a good day in my book. There was a good reason some things didn’t go as planned or I didn’t do the things I had set out to do. Replying to an urgent issue from another department re: one of my coworker’s projects. She is on vacation, I’m her designated proxy, so I had to read up and make a recommendation to our supervisor about it. I also finally was in the right mindset to sort through the many stacks of papers and just stuff on my office desk. Threw out quite a lot, filed away the other things. Not 100% neat and tidy now, but so much better. I can’t believe it took me so long.

I got an unusual call today re: the risk of blackouts this winter and what state government requires from various entities. On the one hand I’m thrilled to hear about these things: Energy security is sort of relevant to my climate action field of work. And it’s fascinating to get a glimpse of how the government on any level is working to make sure that this country hopefully will get through it. On the other hand: possible blackout with all its ramification. Scary as fuck!

Didn’t take away from my “Punches” day though.

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