24.10.2022 | “Three Days Not Sleeping, Not Eating, Not Feeling Good Anymore”

Lyrics: “Imperfect Tense” – Frank Turner, 2008

COVID | Day 12. The day I learned about something called “Paxlovid Rebound”. Which basically is a recurrence of symptoms AND positive tests. Fun, right!?!? So I’m staying home from work for another week. I’ve got some asthma spray for the weird persistent cough and hope I’ll be through it all by the end of this week. It sucks so much! And part of me still feels so guilty for missing more time at work. And I have to remind myself that two of my colleagues, who had it earlier this year or recently also missed more than the mandatory 10 days, because they were sick for longer. It’s not just me. There is nothing I could have done to prevent it. Lack of self-esteem is a bitch!

Vacation planning | Besides lying in bed or sitting listlessly on my sofa, watching Madam Secretary season 1, I’ve been getting some more ideas for my Scotland vacation next year. I’m pretty sure I’ll do a few days with a home base in Inverness and then a few more days based glamping in the remote West Coast Highlands. Might cost me a fortune, but it’ll be worth it after so many years without a proper holiday due to the pandemic and travel restrictions and then my mum being ill and passing away and all that. I will need to fine tune dates and bookings in the next few weeks, once I’m back at work and have an idea for the schedule of events and meetings and such next year. But it’s been a fun activity this afternoon distracting me from this fucking annoying disease.

Not much more to say, I could only moan and bitch and don’t want to expose you to that. Instead here is one of my favourite places in Scotland. About an hour from where I might be glamping next year…

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