22.10.2022 | Ramblings…

Day 1 of trying to cut down on my Twitter use. Not sure if I’ll really keep it off my phone or not just use a app blocker on my phone to limit my use. I still checked it quite a few times via the browser all day after all. Anyway, as I didn’t want to share my ramblings on Twitter throughout the day, here they are…

COVID | I’m not quite alright but doing better. Not quite “Post COVID” (hahaha, I hate that phrase, as I laid out yesterday). My sleep is still a bit interrupted; weirdly enough at some point I feel too warm and have to switch from my duvet to just a sheet. Learned to have folded one in a corner of my bed and just roll up the duvet and fold out the sheet. Until in the early mornings I usually want to snuggle under a warm duvet again. It’s a bit weird, but manageable. My symptoms also are a bit better again, so I think it’s safe to try going back to work on Monday. I still feel a tiny bit wobbly, when I’m out to do the shopping or get some Pizza like I did this afternoon. I hope my body is just a bit out of practice.

News | I’m using Twitter a lot to get my news and I think I need to reign that in a bit as well. I still saved a few links from Twitter in my bookmark manager (Raindrop.io for the win!) but didn’t stay on Twitter to read them. I used the time off during my convalescence to cut down the unread links to about half. I’m adding a few new ones every other day, so I’ll be up to over a hundred soon as well.

Screenshot Raindrop Bookmark Manager
Screenshot of my bookmark manager

I also bought a newspaper for the weekend, which I hadn’t done in a while. But to read less on a screen, I need to have some not-screen news.

Ausgabe der Süddeutschen Zeitung am Wochenende, 22.10.2022

Chores | What else did I do today? I deep cleaned half of my kitchen. Well, the sink, the hobs, the worktops. I listened to another episode of the Struggle Care Podcast while I did it. This one about organizing, wich is something I need to work on probably, but not at the moment. I might need to take a stab at my bathroom tomorrow after a few days away and then 10 days of feeling too sick / weak to do anything around the flat.

Therapy | I obviously had to cancel my sessions last week and this week, because I was in no state for it. I also hadn’t done my homework. So another reason to postpone it. I got down to start with it this afternoon and will work more on it tomorrow, I think. It’s not easy, because it makes you think about stuff. That’s obviously the point of therapy. Unfortunately, this stuff also is the more difficult and negative and weird stuff and that’s not something you want to think about. You avoid it for a reason. Well, the wrong reasons, because it makes you seek out therapy after all, but you get the drift, right?

Plane Crash | On the drive back from picking up the pizza, I heard on the news that the German businessman Schaller and his family most probably died in the crash of a small plane near Costa Rica. Sad news in general, because people died. But I admit my first thought was: What the fuck are you doing in a small (private?) plane in South America? I know, I know, air travel is supposed to be safer than road travel in general, but does that include small planes as well? I don’t know. And why take a private plane anyway? Yes, you obviously can afford it. But do you need to? No real conclusion on this from my side, just thoughts. And yes, it doesn’t help that I’m rewatching sesaon 1 of Madam Secretary, where one of the major plotline deals with the mysterious plane crash of her predecessor in… South America.

Street Photography | To not end on such a somber note, here are a few photos from a quick walk around the inner city park, before I picked up the pizza. I had no idea we started a love lock place some time ago. My absolute pet peeve. What is the fucking point of it? I’m not against romantic gestures or such, but to put a lock up at just any generic place, which I assume in 99.5% of the relationships doesn’t have any meaning for the couple? I just don’t get it…

Indian Summer Foliage
Graffiti Art at the river
Love Locks

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