25.09.2022 | “How Do We Light the Torch and Pass It Round…”

Lyrics: “Flammable” – Biffy Clyro, 2016

Here we go again with some kind of weekly recap to keep up some content here.

Work | Has been super busy till Wednesday, where we had a big public engagement event in the evening. It went allright in the end, even though so many tiny things went wrong in the process leading up to it. I’m glad that’s off my plate for now and I just have to worry about / deal with all the other things that keep me busy. I have no idea when there will be some more relaxed times for me in the (near) future.

Saving Energy | This Insta post basically says it all: I borrowed my brother’s digital meter to check for unnecessary standby consumption of my appliances. And holy shit, is there a lot of it in my apartment. I’m a bit ashamed that it took me so long. I work in the climate action field! Talking the talk and all that. I also just ordered some more warm / comfy clothes for home. Hoodies and pants and all that. I’m in the privileged situation, that I don’t have to worry about not being able to pay my bills, even if it’s 3 or 4 times higher than before. It would hurt a bit, but I’ve got a cushion. So many others don’t though, and I think our government needs to do more to help those. I just donated the one-time payment to help with our energy bills to foodbanks in my region, because they are so in demand and suffering themselves with higher bills and such. It’s all so sad and infuriating.

Climate Strike | Talking about energy and such: Friday afternoon I spend some time at the climate strike event in a neighbouring town. To show my support. To be inspired by those young people fighting for their future. I think back to myself and my generation at this young age and I don’t know if we would have been as active and organized and eloquent and just amazing! I have hope with these young people around!

Grief | In therapy this week I said I might sit down on the weekend to gather some of my thoughts from the previous weeks, because I’ve been too busy with fangirling and working. I haven’t sat down to do that, because I’ve been sort of busy with good, distracting stuff this weekend. But I hope I might be in the mind to do that during the week. I finished the final season of “This is Us” and of course it all hit very close to home. Making decisions about care of a parent. Saying goodbye to a parent. I’m still not quite over it, but I don’t think I’m expected to be. It’s a process and it flows and ebbs. At the moment the emotions are flowing a bit more and that is ok as well. I just need to find the right words for some of them. Hopefully later this next week.

Biffy | I can’t believe the day is finally upon me. Well, almost anyway. I was supposed to see Biffy ‘Fucking’ Clyro in October 2021. Rescheduled for February 2022. Rescheduled for tomorrow. I won’t be aiming for the barrier for this show though. There are seats in this venue. But I’m looking forward to them.

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