12.07.2022 | Losing Days

Lyrics: “Losing Days” – Frank Turner, 2013

I’m not sure if a week by the beach on my own was the right idea. The “on my own” part most of it. I’m usually fine on my own and don’t need other people to have a good time. But I think at the moment I could have benefit from someone around to get me more motivated. To give me things to do or to be. I know it’s so easy to say, just go and do things on your own and I did in London, obviously. But around here I’m a bit lost and unmotivated. It’s weird.

I was feeling a bit gloomy and grumpy yesterday evening as well, so I went to bed really early in the hopes to just sleep it off. Went to bed at 8, read till about 9. Then some weird slight underlying anxiety made me toss and turn till almost midnight. I slept in this morning, had a late breakfast. Picked up my book and alternated between reading, writing my Mincemeat review, reading, beating myself for being such a sloth, reading… you get the idea.

This evening at least I got out and off to the beach, because it looked like an nice evening. And it was. Walked along the beach for a bit, took lots of photos. Now my book and I will head of to bed again in hopes that I’m in a more active mood tomorrow.

Ameland beach at sunset, July 2022

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