22.03.22 | “Work Weeks Make Us Weary Now”

Lyrics: “Dan’s Song” ~ Frank Turner, 2009

The lyrics sum it up quite well. So much going on. Still. I did another 44 hours (instead of the my regular 39) last week. I’ll be away for a short trip (3 nights) to the sea this weekend and I can’t wait. I know 3 nights is not enough to recharge, but I’ll take it. Hopefully by then I’ll also find the time and rest to write a bit more about my disastrous state of mind and what I plan to do about it.

Today was another long day, because this evening I did a talk/presentation about what we our team at the city council does. A long day, but I always enjoy this part of my job. Yes, I’m nervous and self-conscious, but I can also say, that I’m quite good at doing this. It was a lovely change from staring at my computer screen all day. The event was held for a small group from a local Kolping family, a Catholic social organization.

On the flip side it all made me miss my mum quite fiercely again. I’m a Catholic (formally at least), but don’t have any ties to this society. But I know it played a huge part in my mum’s upbringing and adulthood in her hometown until she married my dad and moved away. Kolping activities were often mentioned it in tales from that time. We would have a lot to talk about me giving a talk at a local Kolping family here. And I would have so many questions to her about it now after I’ve done the talk. Questions that will remained unanswered now….

To cheer myself up: a photo from the beach (only 3 more days till I’m back there)

Sunset by the sea, 2021
Sunset by the sea, 2021

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