03.03.2022 | Knackered

Work is still insanely busy with deadlines looming. For a second day in a row though I feel like we’re getting somewhere. At least getting something presentable for the deadline. I don’t know. I’ll probably have clocked more overtime again by the end of tomorrow. I’ve been so busy that I hardly had time to check the news or social media for news and that’s a good thing these days, I think.

I don’t want to block out the horrible state of the world right now, but I need time for myself to just not think about it, because I don’t think I could function otherwise. I’m not ‘functioning’ very well to begin with, I think. I’m so exhausted all the time and even with a decent amount of sleep I don’t feel very rested. I guess my mind/body is just too anxious to properly shut down. No idea.

Last night I booked a long weekend by the sea for the end of March and I can’t wait! Three more weeks to go.

Just a few days ago I noted down all the books I’m currently reading or plan to read a few pages of regularly. And I did for a day or two but my mind is just not up for it at the moment. Work and the state of the world and everything. I really don’t like it, but right now I can’t bring myself to do anything about it.

Made some dinner and now I’m watching Outlander Season 5 to catch up with it all before the show returns this weekend. Off to bed in short while, because I’m really, really just so incredibly exhausted.

I wish I could share anything more interesting with you here but my life is boring AF right now.

Sunset at the North Sea, Germany, July 2021
Sunset at the North Sea, Germany, July 2021

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