24.02.2022 | “And Outside, the World Slipped Over the Brink…”

Lyrics: “1933” ~ Frank Turner, 2018

I don’t really have any words about what’s happening in Ukraine. It’s scary and there is so much I don’t understand and don’t know. So I’ll try to not comment or share much on social media. It feels weird to not write/talk about it, but it also feels right, because I can’t really contribute anything useful. Other than please go look for charities or organizations who are raising funds to help the people there. International Committee of the Red Cross is one for instance, but there are others in every country, I think.

It feels equally weird/wrong to share thoughts about mundane, random events from my personal life at the moment. But it does help to distract me a bit from the scary stuff going on outside, so… here you go: I’ve pulled “Prisoners of Geography” back from the “gave-up-on-for-now” pile in my shelf and am determined to finally read more than just the first chapter, which I reread tonight. It’s about Russia. I still don’t know enough and don’t know what to say. I’ve got another non-fiction on the go, a German book about the Christian Right in the USA. Aaaaaaand today I’ve added another one to the mix, because I love the sea and lack impulse control and am a Frank Turner fangirl who tries to listen to most of his interviews. In one he recently mentioned the last book he read, and it sounded super interesting. So of course I looked it up and right away ordered it. About 1000 pages on “The Human History of the Oceans”. I read the introduction tonight and it seemed interesting enough to keep going. going.

I’ve also got two self-help books on the go, a German one about self-worth/self-esteem (2/3 read so far) and “Unwinding Anxiety”, which I’ve only just started. The plan formed this evening was to try to establish a routine where I read a few pages of either one from both selections “history/politics” and “self-help” each day. Let’s see how that will work out.

I might need to come up with a similar routine approach for the hundred or so articles I’ve saved in my bookmark manager.

On the fiction side: I finished “Seven Days in June” and while I was hooked in the beginning and enjoyed the plot and characters, I was a bit underwhelmed by how it went on and how it ended. Mmmh. I’ve decided to finally start Sophie Gonzales “Only Mostly Devastated”, another queer YA novel. I enjoyed her two stories (same genre) I read so far quite a bit, so I’m looking forward to that. Oh and of course I’ve still got the latest Dale Detectives story on as an audibook in my bedroom.

Signing off with a hopefully somewhat relaxing sunset image….

Sunset at Noordwijk, February 2020
Sunset at Noordwijk, February 2020

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