22.02.2022 | “Every Once in a Few Months, When All the Punches Land…”

Lyrics: “Punches” ~ Frank Turner, 2022

A busy, busy day (almost 10 hours day) with work. I can’t / won’t go into specifics. There is is still so much to do. We might not get done all the things in the timeframe in which they need to be done. But for the first time in a long while, I felt like I was on the right track. It still might not all go as planned, but I know I did my best today. I felt focused. I’m not writing “productive”, because I dislike the idea that a work day only has value when there is a visible product at the end of the line. Not all days at work are like that. Focused on my task is fine.

The dreaded conference call with the other department went fine as well. Focused and constructive. I was so worried they’d tear our ideas and project apart and thus tear me apart, as I’m in charge on our side and I always have a hard time separating my own self-worth from my worth as an employee, if that makes any sense to anyone. I know these are two separate things, but my messed up mind sometimes has different ideas about that.

So yeah, today felt like at least a few punches did land! And that’s good! And needs to be memorized (here as a reminder when I need to remember “the buzz, the glow of that one sweet day a few months ago.”)

The lovely pencils my friend Emily gave me as a present once do help as well 🙂

Happy Pencil
Helpful daily reminder…

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