08.02.2022 | 15 Waking Hours…

Sleep | ? Hahahahaha…

After sending this tweet, scrolling on my phone mindlessly for almost an hour, successfully solving today’s Wordle (six tries, but I take it), I got up and started my day.

Accounting | More or less on paper I’m in charge of doing the local Green accounts. We’ve got a manager who’s doing it all on the day-to-day basis, but I’m in charge in general and I’m the one who needs to enter all the data into the online system by the end of the year and state that it’s all in good order. There was a more or less technical problem yesterday, which I successfully solved this morning and I finished putting all the data in as well and it’s not even 7. The things you’re able to achieve when you give up sleep 🙂

Work | Another quite busy day, but with important and interesting stuff. Some of the main project I’ve been working on in the past two years is ready to be shared with the other departments – get their input, their ideas of where they will / need to get involved. So it’s been lot of finalizing papers to send out and setting up meetings and all that. Next week will be lots and lots of meetings. Another smaller project is on a good way as well. I’m not in charge there (anymore), only sort of mentoring the new colleague who took over. Every once in a while I still can’t quite believe that I’m one of the senior people in our team now, who new colleagues turn to for advice and guidance and… Help!

I’ve also spent two hours on a super interesting video conference about carbon neutrality and how to achieve it or at least which step to take to try to achieve it. It all ties in with the main project and sort of unfortunately I’m now full of new ideas and sub-projects I’d like to work on or try to implement as well. But we can’t because we’ve got a deadline. One we postponed more often than I would have liked. So…

Local politics | I had a council committee meeting this afternoon as well. Nothing out of the extraordinary. 16 members on the committee. Only five of them female. 31%. Oh well.. gender equality is still a long way off in local politics.

Sleep (reprise) | I’m sooooo tired right now. It’s 7 pm and I’m tempted to go to bed and I probably will soon and thus possibly mess up my sleep cycle some more. But my mind is winding down and staying up feels like such a chore….

Sunset at the North Sea, Germany, July 2021
Sunset at the North Sea, Germany, July 2021

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