22.01.2022 | Exhausted….

I did indeed nap or at least rested for a looong while. Something I most probably wouldn’t have done at home in my own apartment, with so many chores still to do. Not that I would have done those chores. But I would have moped around, procrastinated mindlessly. Resting was much better 🙂

In the early evening I decided to walk across the river bridge with my camera and tripod. Snapping the mandatory Cologne skyline by night photos. Walked back to my apartment, worked on the raw version of the photo with a free software for the first time. Or at least with some instructions about the software anyway.

Now some dinner and off to bed. Almost 14.000 steps, over 10 km. I’m knackered

Cologne by night, January 2022
Cologne by night, January 2022

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