29.12.2021 | This & That

One of the better habits I want to incorporate: don’t check social media soooo often. I used to be on Twitter and Instagram way too much I know. And I tried several ways before, like not checking it on my phone etc. For the moment the best way (for now) seems to be using the StayFree App in combination with the Forest App on my phone to limit access. Because the app also keeps time and thus I see how much time I spend on these apps, whereas I easily lose track of time when I’m using those sites on my laptop or desktop. I now only need to remember to log out of all those sites on my other devices to eliminate that option.

Not so much more to tell today. I still try to avoid seeing / hearing current news, except for the glimpses I get via Twitter. We are doomed COVID wise for the next few weeks in Germany, I’m afraid, because whereas the case numbers are sky rocketing in many neighbouring countries, we claim to just not know exactly because of the holidays and all. And who know, maybe German Omicron will not do what British, Dutch, Danish, French, American Omicron does. I’m so fed up.

I did a few things from my to-do-list (go me!) and started watching “Superstore” per recommendation from a good friend. I enjoy it so far, 3 or 4 episodes in. I realized there is still a whole Season 6 (minus the first two? episodes) of Lucifer as well, but I can’t be bothered with that anymore tbh. I read too many spoilers about it before it aired here, I think….

Off to the first session of my retreat tonight. Equally excited and wary. Weird. Tiny moment of panic when my WiFi and thus Internet went down half an hour ago. Rebooting the modem did the trick. Still… too much excitement before a relaxing retreat 🙂

Random photo for the day?

View over Loch a’ Chàirn Bhàin, Scottish Highlands, 2016

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