28.12.2021 | Habits

It’s about time to give up on the idea of picking (Frank Turner) song lyrics as title for a post. I might do it occasionally in the future, but it was getting a bit tiresome for me. There are not enough different lyrics for the same “feeling blah” sentiment. Anyway…

I’ve got time off till the new year and I’m still rather lazy, so not much to report. I’ve finished reading “Atomic Habits” and plan to keep working on the whole idea / strategy tomorrow. In the “which habits to incorporate, which to ditch and how” kind of way. There were quite a few useful / valuable ideas in the book, I just now need to find a way to incorporate them in my life. One of the important ideas: Just do it! Start with something even if it’s just a few minutes or just one page to read or just one tiny blog post to write. Or to quote

“It’s better to do less than you had hoped than to do nothing at all.”

Atomic Habits (James Clear, 2018)

Originally I had planned to spend the afternoon / evening with good old friends, but that had to be cancelled due to a sudden sickness on their part. No COVID, just other kind of malaise. Most of the afternoon I spent binge watching the final episodes of the final season of “Jane, the Virgin”. Which was fun all in all. I did some chores, some shopping, the usual kind of things you do when you’re lazily lounging around on your days off.

For a short moment I considered writing a “40 somethings about Frank Turner” kind of post, as he turned 40 today. But I wasn’t sure I would come up with 40 different things and also it probably would have been just another one of those “avoidance” activities I’m prone to tend to fall back on when I don’t really know what to do with myself. So I passed. But here is one of my favourite photos (my first time at the barrier and thus close enough), just because… 🙂

Frank Turner – Dudelange, Luxembourg, June 2014

“Grief out of nowhere” moment of the day? I only made small batch of coffee for me this morning, as I had thought I’d get my afternoon coffee at my friends. I used a small thermos mug for the leftover and was reminded how I had planned to use that thermos mug for my mum’s coffee in the morning when she was released home (sadly only for three weeks) in the summer. We ended up putting the coffee in the regular sippy cups, because she was drinking it quickly enough so it didn’t need a thermos. I had seen this thermos in my kitchen often enough since and used it on occasion, but only now this memory popped up. Like I mentioned, grief is so so weird…

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