19.12.2021 | “We Need to Breathe Some Cleaner Air…”

Lyrics: “Wanderlust” ~ Frank Turner, 2011

Oh, what a lovely day. I slept in and only awoke after 11 or so hours. Well rested. Still spend half the morning still lounging in bed, had some breakfast and decided to make the most of the weather forecast. Because even though it will be more sunny tomorrow, it will also be much colder. So I knew going for a long walk then would not be the best idea. So off I went in the early afternoon. 10 km along country lanes and the beach. Expecting it too be quite windy on the beach I had planned to walk the lanes in one direction and back on the beach to keep me out of the blistering wind for half the time. I ended up switching back to the country lanes for parts of the way back as well, because it was freezing on the beach. But still lovely, so I always went back and forth on the way back.

While I was on the beach the clouds dispersed to some degree and the blue sky was visible (in parts) and it was starting to turn into dusk and all in all just lovely. I turned around every 5 minutes to take yet another shot of the vista. I’m not kidding!

Baltic Sea, December 2021

A lovely encounter when I stepped on the beach at the turning point: There was a 60 something couple who had obviously cycled there and were not trying to take a selfie with the camera on their phone. I offered to take the photo for them which they gladly accepted and they were so gracious afterwards. It was just a photo and only 2 minutes out of my day. It’s the little things.

After these tweets

I spent most of the time listening to the first few albums. It turns out I only feel the need to “properly learn all the lyrics” to those songs I really want to sing / scream along to. And that I might not have learned all that many words from Frank lyrics. I spent part of the afternoon going through the lyrics (up till TTH) on the website. Let’s see if there will be enough in the end to warrant any kind of blog post.

Not today though, because I’m exhausted. I hope I’m in the mood to write about all I’ve learned today about the German/German border up here and in general. I feel a bit ashamed that I didn’t know some of the stuff before. I was a teenager when the wall fell, I could have had more knowledge about East Germany and all that. But I didn’t for some reason.

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