28.11.2021 | “I’ve Known Beauty in the Stillness of Cathedrals in the Day…”

Lyrics: “Glory Hallelujah” ~ Frank Turner, 2011

Is it weird to use a line from an anti – religion song to write about religion? Maybe… Frank often enough gave us listeners free range to interpret his songs any way we like, so I just use it. I like the lyric. I also begrudgingly like the song, though it made me feel very weird the first time I was in a crowd of people screaming “There never was no God”.

I’m what you might call a agnostic / lapsed Catholic. My mum raised us in this faith, the way as she was raised in it. And some rituals are engraved deeply in my subconscious. She was and still is a religious person and I do believe that her faith means a lot to her. It’s one of the many things we never really talked about. When it become clear, that her end is near, I knew we had to ask a catholic priest to come by and offer her the last rites sacrament. Thanks to the hospice service this was made possibly quickly and the priest and I visited my mum yesterday. I’m glad that we did as I had the impression that it was important to my mum. I hope it helped her to come to terms with everything.

And I admit I’m a wee bit jealous of her and everyone else with a steadfast religious belief. I don’t have that. I do believe in a few things, like the basic concept of heaven, where we will be reunited in peace with the ones who have gone before. I admit I might despair if that wasn’t the case. The whole thing about Jesus being God’s son, having died for our sins, resurrected and all… I don’t know. I guess I sort of believe it. Because that’s what I’ve been taught. I never had any real reason to question it. At least not on a conceptional level. Does that make sense? Probably not.

I’m rambling. I might do a bit more of that over the next few days. Or I might just crawl back into my shell, depending on my emotional state. And my free time, as I’m often busy distracted with work and stuff during the week. It’s the weekends when all the thoughts flood in…

St David's Cathedral, Wales, 2018
St David’s Cathedral, Wales, 2018

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