15.11.2021 | “Send Me Back To Sleep…”

Lyrics: “Back To Sleep” ~ Frank Turner, 2008

Just a sort of placeholder post with not much content, because I need to go to bed soon. I awoke way too early again and didn’t fall back to sleep. Lots of coffee helped a bit. Maybe?

For the first time since early March 2020 we did a everyone on board team meeting. In Real Life! We had to talk about restructuring our data storage system on our server, because it has evolved into quite a mess over the past 20 or so years. We’ve got staff retiring soon and new staff on board already and we need to overhaul the whole thing. Easier said than done, but today might have been a good start. Anyway, we thought this would be best done in a room together and not online on shared screens. Plus… we wanted to get everyone at one (large) conference table at least once before one of my coworker retires in a few weeks. We had another coworker retire last December and the pandemic ruined every kind of planned farewell party / gathering. Who would have thought we’d be stuck in the same mess a year on?

The large conference table wasn’t available in our headquarter so we did the workshop someplace else this morning and I went back to the office afterwards. Another coworker gave me a drive in the company car, so I was able to leave my car at that first place and not pay double parking fees. All I had to do was to take the tram back down after work and pick up my car. All in all it might have cost me 10 more minutes of commute but it was fine. I could use the time in the tram to catch up on my social media, which I hadn’t been able to do all day. Win win. It was the first time I used my new public transport pass, which our company subsides immense. I finally signed up for it, because I was and still am planning to use a combination of car and public transport at least once or twice a week. Not as long as the pandemic is still raging on, but hopefully soon afterwards. And it was ok to be back on the tram for the first time in 20 months. Everyone wore a mask, most of them even wore it correctly. I might still not dare venturing out during regular early morning rush hour and crowded carriages any time soon.

I don’t want to get started how frustrated I am with the way we handle or not handle the pandemic over here in Germany. It’s equally infuriating and heartbreaking and the constant change from one emotion to the other is giving me whiplash. So to speak. I’m done…. Or maybe I’m just extremely tired today?

Happy, relaxing thoughts… here is a picture of a beach…

Sunset at Balnakeil Beach, Scotland, 2016
Sunset at Balnakeil Beach, Scotland, 2016

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