02.11.2021 | Yawn

Two days in and I was already tempted to drop the daily post in November resolution. Woah! But I know I will be tired this evening, because after a regular day working from home I will need to attend the the city council meeting about the budget, which will take a few hours as well. So here I go, though there isn’t much to tell since my post yesterday.

I woke up from very weird dream all through the night, which was a bit unusual. I usually don’t dream or don’t recall dreams and most certainly don’t wake up because it was so weird. Though I can’t say if that really was the reason I woke up with a bit of a start at least twice. Weird dreams in the sense that they felt like I was part of a modern Sherlock Holmes kind of movie, with a female Holmes and long long staircases and walk along floors in big venues like a football stadium. Any idea, Dr. Freud?

The last dream woke me up about 45 minutes before the alarm, which I set rather early anyway, because I tend to dawdle in the mornings. But so I had extra time to… dawdle, I guess. I’m beyond help. But at least I already put some laundry in, watered my few plants. I still need to empty the dishwasher, actually have breakfast and not just the coffee I’m sipping from right now and then I’m good to go as in log into the work station on my computer.

I restarted with a My Peak Challange workout last night and it went okayish. I knew I was out of shape so it wasn’t too frustrating. The few newish aches in various parts of my body though were a bit disconcerting. The joys of getting older, maybe. But if I keep up some sort of work out routine they might vanish, so let’s hope for the best.

It’s too early for a current sunrise pic, so here is one from earlier this year…

Sunrise, August 2021

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