10.08.2021 | Diary of a weird day….

10:40 I’ve got the day off, so I could sleep in. I hadn’t plan to be lazy in bed, scrolling through stuff on my phone or play games, but that’s what I did *sigh*. I arranged a few more last minute things for our family member to come home to be care for here at their home from now on. At least we want to to give this option a try before we have to resort to moving them into a care home permanently. And now I’m sitting here in front of my small netbook. at the dining room table. Waiting…

10:50 I almost got involved in a twitter discussion, because someone posted a statement about shares of climate emissions. A statement and chosen point of view I strongely disagree with. I work in the climate action field so of course I have an opinion. I started looking up facts and data to back me up in the argument. Luckily enough I managed to stop myself, before I posted. Because… seriously what’s the point of arguing with people you don’t know on Twitter? My favourite singer / songwriter Frank Turner for years has been going on about how that part (and basically everything else) of Twitter is such a waste of time and energy and in my head, I often enough disagreed and defended that social network. Because I spent too much time on my well curated Twitter feeds. But of course Frank is right about the time and energy sucking part of it and I really need to wane myself of it a bit more.

11:00 The nurse from the care service showed up, because the information that they are only needed for the evening on the first day, wasn’t properly communicated. I felt a bit bad for her – typical, even though it clearly wasn’t my fault. She was nice enough about and we jokingly agreed that she needed to have stern word with her superior for that misinformation.

16:30 Keeping our care patient company, getting them settled. They are still a bit overwhelmed, let’s hope they will settle in quickly. Most exciting moment this day so far: while I was out running some errands around noon, I saw a squirrel run across the street. So did the driver in front of me obviously, because they stepped on the brakes. Such a no go. Yes I know impulse and oh the poor squirrel, but it was a good thing I was far enough away or I would have crashed into the car.

19:20 Keeping someone company keeps me busy. The care nurse for the evening shift was here and helped out. It worked out fine, so let’s hope the others will work the same way. Our GP will be by tomorrow as well. Getting back to a new kind of normal bit by bit.

21:15 German government made new announcements re COVID regulations, testing etc. I honestly can’t be bothered to check up on them just now. It won’t change how I will live my life right now anyway. I’m finally back home after a bit of a stressful end of the evening. We’re all a bit high strung and have to learn how to deal with the situation. Back to it all early tomorrow morning for when some people from the healthcare system will came by to determine the medical situation and all the needs and all. Nerve racking.

Off to read a bit and then lights out.

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