25.07.2021 | I’m Trying To Get Better ‘Cause I Haven’t Been My Best…”

Lyrics: “Get Better” ~ Frank Turner, 2015

Where did the last week go? What did I do?

It’s been a weird week in some ways. I’m sleeping enough and still each evening I feel knackered early on. I feel like I didn’t make as much use of my time off as I should and that’s bugging me. Though it shouldn’t really, because my life has been so busy and there have been so much worry and anxiety in the past few months, that I do deserve a break. My mind just sometimes thinks otherwise and that sucks.

I want to get back into the habit of writing more here, though I don’t really have a clear idea or game plan what to use this space for. I’m still not going out or meet other people much. I’m afraid I might have forgotten how to do so.

I’m reading Atomic Habits at the moment and I think there are a lot of great ideas I can / could incorporate into my life. Let’s see how it goes. I’m only at the end of the first of the four “laws” the whole concept is based on.

One of the habits I’m working on is cutting down my time on Twitter. It’s going okayish. I’m not really applying any Atomic Habit tips to it yet, just a regular… just don’t check it as often.

Some good or at least better news on the family’s patient: the time in the rehabilitation centre did get extended, so that’s good. Still a lot to organise around here at home until they return. But I’m cautiously optimistic. And that makes the long drive for visits (1.5 hours one way) more bearable.

Two more days and I’m back at work. I don’t wanna 🙁

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