05.05.2021 | Some Randomness

Sleep | Hard to come by these days. On Monday and again today, I awoke over an hour before my alarm, which is already set early, as I’m rather sluggish to get my day started these days. The process of resetting the alarm to a later time or to try to fall asleep again keep me awake , so I usually get up at some early point. At least this morning I got some emailing out of the way, so that’s something.

My Peak Challenge | I did it. Restarted on Monday. Holy Shit, I’m out of shape. But I’m working on it, hopefully for a while longer now. I felt a bit guilty for scaling down from the planned 4 to the minimum 3 rounds of the circuit, but hey, I’m starting over and I did it, so… I might need to scale down on the weights for the dumbbell bench press as well. The last round was killing me. I really need to keep going with the 2nd workout today, which I didn’t feel up to yesterday. It was a busy day at work, that’s my excuse….

Highlight | Getting in my car to drive somewhere to run an errand seems to be the highlight of my day these days. On the weekend I ordered an new Garmin smartwatch, because the battery on my old one seems to have run it’s course after 2.5 years. Out of warranty. Of course! Anyway, I ordered it to pick up at a big electronics store in the mall about 20 minutes away. Just the process of getting in my car to drive somewhere that isn’t just the super market or the doctor’s office gets me excited these days. It’s pathetic. Naively I thought it would be a quick trip – go in, pick up, leave. But of course I wasn’t the only one with that idea. *headdesk* I had to stand in a queue for about 30 minutes. It was ok though, it’s not like I had anything else to do, really. And so far I’m very happy with my new gadget. Battery is still at 74% after almost one day in use, whereas the old watch ran out of battery after not even 24 hours.

Corona | I really don’t want to write too much about it here, as it’s on all our minds and all the news all the time anyway. But… 14 months in and there are still so many things I just can’t wrap my mind around. A surgeon’s practice where the doctors in charge and the staff obviously were rather lax about the masks and hygiene and someone came into work who clearly had symptoms. 200 patients in quarantine. In another state there are temporary farmworkers, often from southeast Europe and with no health insurance in Germany ( legally! as they’re only here temporary): 80 cases, 1000 in “working quarantine”, which means they still live together in cramped quarters, still need to go to work or rather probably be shuttled together in vehicles to the fields. I doubt they wear masks while they are out there doing hard manual labour. We are one sick society.

Pic of the day: The parking lot at the mall. On a Monday afternoon…. Still so weird.

Empty parking lot at the mall
Empty parking lot at the mall

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