28.03.2021 | “We’re all caught in the blackout”

Lyrics: “Blackout” ~ Frank Turner, 2018

Let’s see if I can write a post without moaning and bitching about the pandemic and how it’s handled over here. A #NOVID post so to speak. (Borrowed this term from Christian).

I’ve got the next week off from work and don’t really have any distinct plans to do stuff. I need to log into my work email and take care of meeting scheduling every once in a while still, so it’s not really 100% “off work” as such. But still… sleeping in. Spending my time as I please. Only logging in for a few minutes and log out of the work station asap. I should do some long postponed chores around the house, but… we’ll see. I’m in another binge reading mood and I have so many lovely, easy going books on my radar, so I won’t be bored. The weather forecast also predicts lovely sunny weather for the next few days, so I might just go for a hike or two as well. I’m so out of shape and every once in a while I think I should start with the MPC workout properly again, but I can’t really be bothered yet. But walking / hiking I can do.

I definitely also want to get back to practice playing my guitar more often. I should say “at all” instead of “more often”, because I haven’t done that for almost two weeks now. I suck at routine and all and that’s another thing I might try to get more into next week.

Two weeks ago I ordered a new desktop computer, which got here a few days ago. I couldn’t be bothered to set it up during the week, as I need my computer for work and I didn’t want to risk it not working properly. But I started (and almost finished) setting it up today and it works splendidly so far. It’s nothing fancy, just an up-to-date model for a regular office / internet / photography stuff. But I managed to transfer all the files back to this one and install and setup all the software I needed. Email and Password manager and the VPN and Remote Connection for work. I need to download some more software tomorrow, but basically I’ve managed to set it all up without a hitch today. Go Me! It’s the little things at the moment, right?

On social media I saw a few tweets about Lauren Graham and the “Mighty Ducks Game Changers” on Disney+ and being woefully out of touch with pop culture / TV etc. at the moment I just now learned about this new series.

I used to be a huge icehockey fan a few years back. I still like it, but I’m not into it so much anymore with going to games and the worldchampionship and all. Yes, my love for all things Frank Turner took precedent here. Kind of. But this seems like a fun show and it’s Lauren, whom I have a bit of girl crush on and Emilio Estevez, who I always liked back then… when I was younger. I mean, Outsiders, Breakfast Club… classics. And he was kind of cute. I admit even though I am a hockey fan and like Emilio I never watched the original Mighty Ducks. Or at least I don’t recall seeing any of the movies.

Yesterday I was having a philosophical discussion with a Canadian friend, with whom I spent a lovely day with in Brighton, UK in May 2017 after the first Lost Evenings Festival. At some point I said “Twitter is not a good place for these kind of talks. We should meet at Brighton beach again to discuss this in person”, well knowing that this won’t happy anytime soon. But here is the beach at least…

Brighton Beach and Pier, May 2017
Brighton Beach and Pier, May 2017

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