10.02.2021 | “Don’t lose yourself by looking at your phone”

Lyrics: “Don’t Worry” ~ Frank Turner, 2018

Over the last few days I’ve once more realized I’m spending way too much time on my phone. Scrolling through feeds, clicking on links, rather mindlessly. I don’t like it. I know it’s not good for me, so why do I do it? To distract myself most of all, I guess and to not spend too much time with my own thoughts. Because I either look back and worry or look forward and worry and avoiding too much worrying is always welcome. But not a good way to be. I know.

But I feel there is so much too worry about at the moment. I’ve always been someone who worries too much, so 11 months into a global pandemic with no end in sight, it’s just wearing me down. So so so much.

How much I suffer from the lack of live music from my favourite artist hit home yesterday when the Arkells posted footage from unique live music moments on Twitter.

Add that to the stress I feel at work (not necessarily stress that actually is, just how I experience it) and so many little things that annoyed me and made me almost loose it and you might understand why I went to bed early. Sleep usually helps and it did to some extent.

Waking up to reading a Facebook post from Frank how much he misses live music right now, did not help though. Note to self: Really keep the phone out of the bedroom and not check everything in the morning. I managed to do that for a while to be fair, but recently have slipped back into bad habits. I listened the Calm Masterclass about “Screen and Social Media Addiction” yesterday and this morning and will definitely try to incorporate some of the

Random positive thought of the morning: It’s nice to see that it does indeed get lighter earlier each day. Or at least every couple of days I notice it. Little Changes and all that jazz. And with that, I’ll now go start this day: Shower, breakfast (more than just the coffee I had so far), logging into my remote work desktop…

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