04.02.2021 | Lift Up the Weight of the World From Our Shoulders…

It’s Thursday evening and for the last few weeks this once again meant: It’s “Independent Venue Love” Night! A live stream from Frank Turner, just like he did back in March / April 2020. This time we had a few technological difficulties: a shared stream, because the band Pet Needs were there for a support slot (Loved them! Ordered the album and a T Shirt already) and switching back to Frank’s house after messed up the audio / video quality, so Frank had to restart the stream and all that jazz. But it still might have been one of my favourites of the 18 IVL gigs he played so far.

I loved the setlist from the middle three albums. I always love the community on the chat with all the inside jokes we have by now. “Team Mic Stand” anyone? It’s always so lovely to see Frank’s wife Jess be the amazing Jack-of- all-trades that she is: keeping an eye on the chat, while also doing the hand claps and the call and response bits the crowd usually does but obviously can’t right now. Providing the mic stand / fundraiser link and of course providing a glimpse of of the secret star of the show: Boudiecat. Who, by the way, does not seem to be a fan of her part in the evening activities. It’s been chaotic and lovely at the same time tonight.

I’m a bit tipsy right now. I blame Frank for ‘varleying’ so many songs (one of the drinking game rules) and of course “Tape Deck Heart”, where most songs fall into the “Sorry (for singing about other women), Jess” category, which is another of the drinking game rules. But it was fun as always.

Hearing Frank play his wonderful songs and to be part of the chat community, which is a good “online replica” of the real life fan / crowd community I’ve experienced at so many Frank gigs, is such a wholesome experience every Thursday. It feeds my heart and soul and it does

“Lift up the weight of the world from your shoulders
just for a moment or two”

“Glorious You” – Frank Turner, 2015

And I need this more than ever during this current situation. Thank you Frank and Jess and all the lovely people on the chat. But I honestly can’t wait to do this all with all of you in “real life” again at some point.

Next Thursday 11th February 2021 it will be one year since my last Frank gig. No idea how the live stream will make me feel then. Here’s a photo from that gig in Dortmund, supporting the Dropkick Murphys.

Frank Turner on Stage, Dortmund, 11 February 2020
Frank Turner on stage, Dortmund, 11 February 2020

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