17.01.2021 | “Making Do And Muddling Through…”

Lyrics: “The Way I Tend To Be”, Frank Turner 2013

And… that’s been another week before I post again. I’d like to say that work and life kept me busy, but to be fair it most probably was worrying and fretting about work. And the pandemic. This fucking stupid pandemic. And being baffled and pissed off by so many people who 10 months in seem to still not understand what we’re dealing with. I could link to various news reports about incidents, where the police or other authorities broke up gatherings. Or just recount the number of occassions where I encounter – on a distance – people who still don’t know how to wear the mask properly. But I won’t… *deep breath*

At least to some degree by now I’ve learned to forgive myself for not being as ‘productive’ in any aspect of my life as I should be or hope I would be. It’s a global pandemic going on! I still need to find the right balance between being rightfully overwhelmed and just… lazy 🙂

At the beginning of the week I was still procrastinating blissfully by reading the last few Bridgerton novels. Some plots I like more than others, but all in all it was a nice, sweet escape from real life. Yesterday I had planned to finally escape with the first few episodes from the new season of “This Is Us”, but then realized I somehow can’t or rather don’t want to deal with a show that has incorporated the pandemic into their storyline. I understand why they did it, but for the love of God I don’t want to see it – as in people wearing masks and disinfecting their hands and talking about COVID – on in my fictional TV world. At least not at the moment. So I guess, I’m going to take a (longer) break from that show. Escaping to The West Wing works just fine for me.

My lack of focus and lack of impulse control is bothering me a bit at the moment. I’m prone to jumping from one thing to another in the best of times, but it’s gotten worse in this 2nd lockdown. Or what we call a ‘lockdown’ over here. I think we could have locked down much more and stricter and all, but what do I know. So yeah, switching from book to book at the moment. Buying book after book even though there a tons of unread books still on shelves and night stand. Always worrying that I might lack the right book I might want to read in that exact next instance. Or something like that. At least I’m supporting the book trade in this difficult times, right? And yes, I’m very much trying to avoid Amazon and big book retailers and go for local independent book stores or smaller online retailers.

Not much else to say. We had some snow in my area of Germany today. No pic, because I went out later in the day where most of it was already gone, in the city anyway. Besides that I’m muddling through

One highlight of my week: Frank Turner did an Insta Live Interview with his his pal Gab from Italy on Tuesday. About halfway in Gab asked Frank about his degree in history and the historical references in his songs and of course I used the chat to unashamedly promote my blog about it. Either Frank saw that chat message (or maybe just my name on the chat?) and gave me a shout – out for the blog as well, said it was “really, really cool” which was pretty awesome. At least it made my evening (and day after…).

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