21.12.2020 | Not Much, Really

This was a weird day. I was in a good mood when I got up, dawdled the morning away, which made me felt guilty and that of course changed my mood and made me feel a bit bad about some of the choices I made. The afternoon – spent at my mum’s for a bit – and the evening where kind of okay though. I’ll probably go to bed early-ish as well and that’s

Recap on the projects:

#01: Not as present and focused as I wanted to be at least not for the first part of the day. I managed to stay off social media for a long while in the 2nd half of the day, so that’s a success. Maybe I should have put “self care” in the sub line for this project 😉 I lay down for a nap around 5.30, because I felt worn out all of a sudden. That seemed to have helped a bit. I then spent about an hour this evening colouring, while listening to a podcast which helped as well, I think.


#02: Didn’t pick up the guitar today. Will be among the first things to do tomorrow morning.

#03: Am listening to the end of Springsteen’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town” at the moment.

#04: Two more episodes down on “The West Wing Weekly” podcast and might start the next one tonight as well. It’s fun to revisit the old episodes.

I won’t start working on the LEGO project till next week.

Random stats for today:
Sleep: About 8 hours, plus the nap this evening, though I should count that to tonight’s sleep, I guess. Listened to: See #03. Watched: The West Wing 4.03 and half of 4.04, which I also might finish tonight. Read: Finished “Meet Cute Club”, but was a bit underwhelmed. Not much else.

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