20.12.2020 | “Springsteen came clear in my headphones…”

Lyrics: “Redemption”, Frank Turner 2011

Let’s get back into the swing of this. Blog more often or more consistently is one of my (many) projects for Lockdown Christmas 2020. Most of my posts might be just reports of the state of these projects.

#01 Be more present and focused: That’s sort of an umbrella project for either chores I postponed and really need and want to get done before the year is over. But more than that it’s for trying to set aside time each day to work on being more present and focused. These days I dawdle away so much time and spend too much time ruminating about what was in the past or could be in the future. Having the TV on, running endless episodes of the West Wing (at the moment) is one of my pitfalls. I watched 5 episodes today. Half the time I was also doing other stuff, but still… I really need to cut back on that.

#02 Guitar lessons: Yep, I feel like I’m starting all over again. Because I felt so tired and drained – emotionally as well as physically – most of the nights when I got home, I only picked up the guitar a couple of times these past few weeks. I’m still stuck on Lesson 1 and the D and A chord. It’s a bit embarrassing, but what the heck. It is what it is. I really need to let myself of the hook more often. Global Pandemic and getting through the day without a meltdown about the things we miss out on and about the sad numbers of death and cases, is an achievement, right?

#03 Bruce Springsteen Deep Dive: So many people cite Springsteen as influence, inspiration, favourite songwriter and all and I know his hits of course. But haven’t really listened to an album or lesser known songs. Some time ago I found a “Beginner’s Guide to Bruce Springsteen” and I thought that’s as good as guide as any. Yes, I could listen to all chronologically, but I’m afraid I might hit a rut with that approach.

#04 The West Wing Weekly Deep Dive: I had The West Wing on as background distraction or even sole entertainment these past few weeks. I just can’t get interested in or hooked by anything new. Comfort TV and all that, possibly. I finally also started listening to the wonderful “The West Wing Weekly” podcast, with Co-Host Joshua Malina, who starred on the show S4 – S7. It’s a lot of fun to listen to and even though there is the gap between S3 I’m watching at the moment and early S1, where I’m at with the podcast, I’ll plan to have those guys talk to me a lot these next few weeks, while I’m hopefully a bit productive around the house. My flat is a mess!

#05 LEGO Tower Bridge: This will be a project for week 2, I think, because I need to clear out and sort the junk on my kitchen table first. This is a big set, so I can’t do it on the coffee table in the living room. But I’m excited for that. After Christmas.

But… like all these projects: work in progress and I’m determined to not beat myself up over setbacks. Little Changes and all that. Some will hopefully stick.

(Random) Stats for today:
Sleep: 20 glorious hours over the last two nights. Talk about exhaustion.
Projects: Did 20 minutes of guitar practice. Listened to: “Born in the USA” and 2/3 of “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. Also a bit of West Wing Weekly 1.06 and will continue with that later in bed, I think. Watched: The West Wing 3.19 – 4.02. Some Eddie Izzard on Youtube. Read: A few pages of “Meet Cute Club”, and a few pages in various of the self-help books on my to-read-pile at the moment.

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