24.11.2020 | Random List of Thoughts…

I was so on course to do a proper – share some thoughts and tidbits from my day – post yesterday. As in, I jotted down notes in my wordpress app to just get on with it. But then a meeting run long – as in REALLY long – and all I wanted to do was: get home, have some quick food, go to bed. In the end I vegged out in front of my TV (old West Wing episode) longer than planned and I could have used that time to write a post, but I just couldn’t be bothered.

This is a bit of a random order of thoughts. Deal with it.

Sleep: Sunday to Monday was a crappy night, the next one was a bit better, but just not enough yet. I need to turn off the TV earlier, damnit.

Mornings: I seem to need a lot more time in the morning by now. I get distracted so easily and even though I get some of the tiny things done I am determined to get done in the morning, there are a dozen other tiny things that catch my attention and interest and… oh well, this might have something to do with the lack of sleep issue? I started writing half of this post for instance.

Work: Is still busy, but that’s ok. I still have no idea how I got stuck with organizing the team’s budget, but it is what it is. I don’t mind as much, it’s just so tedious work. Also… for the longest time I couldn’t access my official desktop station via remote service, which sucks, because that means I can’t work from home efficiently. IT said they fixed it today, so I need to take my laptop to work tomorrow and give it a try from there. Fingers crossed.

New car: Still feels very new. But I enjoy it a lot. It’s just nice to have a new shiny gadget, even though a car is more than a “gadget”. I still need to get used to the size of the metal cage around me now, because it’s bigger than the old car and every time I overtake a lorry in a construction zone on the motorway I’m a bit worried. It’ll take some time I guess. 

Books: I’m buying and ordering new books left and right and there is no way I’m going to read all of them in the next year or two. And it still doesn’t stop me. I’m beyond help, but to be honest I don’t really care at the moment. I might need to buy another shelf soon though.

Gender equality: I attend the board meeting of our local bank yesterday. When I looked around I saw 4 men at the head of the room: bank manager, mayors as head of the municipalites who ‘own’ the bank. (It’s a unique German system) and in the auditorium (the board are local politicians) 17 men and 4 women. Among some of the topics to be presented was an overview of staff structure. The bank has about 200 employees. At the higher paying jobs the men / women ratio is 5:1. At the low paying jobs it’s the other way around. UGH! We have so much work to do still.

COVID 19: According the German track and trace app, I’ve had almost two weeks of having zero low risk contact with any person who tested positive. Before that I had the occassional 1 or 2 low risk contacts. No surpise. I move between home and work and quick stops at the supermarket or bookstore and the occassional political meeting (all with strict social distancing and mask regulation). I’m rather safe, I think. But you really never know. Case numbers have stalled at a still quite high level here these past few days, so ‘lockdown light’ regulations will continue for a while longer. And for some absolutely fucked up reason, so many politicians in charge want to make sure we can celebrate Christmas with our “large” family. UGH! Numbers will soar in early January, I’m pretty sure they will. On the one hand I want to rant and rage about some of the stupid decisions government on various levels are proposing. On the other hand I’m so so so tired of it all, that I’d rather crawl back into my small bubble, hunker down with TV shows and books and try to ignore the madness. I’m in the priviliged position to be able to do that. Sending hugs and support (morally anyway) to all my friends in Germany, the UK, US and all over the world working in hospitals and for emergency services and all. Hang in there.

Fangirling FOMO: Frank Turner announced a ticketed live stream event this afternoon and I immediately went to the site to buy a ticket. And I couldn’t because my card or something was rejected on various browsers. I felt the very real (for me) and very over-the-top “OMG, I’m going to miss this event” fear. It was stressful. Just like in the good old days, when I sneaked time away during office hours to buy tour tickets the minute they came out, even though the shows wouldn’t sell out for weeks after. What can I say, I’m a fangirl and freaking out on ticket day is a tradition of mine. But this slight panic was a bit ridiculous. It’s a stream, there are more than enough tickets. I got mine this evening after all. Phew.

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