08.11.2020 | It Still Comes In Waves #4

Since midweek, I think I’m hit by a proper wave of feeling overwhelmed by so much. A wave of feeling gloomy. Of feeling umotivated to do stuff. Of just feeling a bit sad.  I’ve managed to fend of the worst downward spiral by resting a lot. Sleping a lot. Doing things I enjoy and even if it’s just rewatching old West Wing episodes. Finally that’s a show that lifts my spirit and not drag me down, knowing the reality in the US is so much worse right now.

This too shall pass, is such a true statement. For me anyway and I know I just have to ride this out. Get organized by making a few (more lists). Get enough rest. Not worry about unwritten or half-written blog post about the minutiae of my life.

Instead: Enjoy reading again. I’m so glad I finally was in the mood to pick up a book again. I finally finished a cute YA one I had started weeks ago and now am back on Mure, for part 4 of Jenny Colgan’s (Christmas) series about this lovely Scottish island. Yes the plot is far fetched this time, but I don’t care. And so far I’ve managed to keep the homesickness for Scotland at bay…

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