21.10.2020 | “… we need to breathe some cleaner air”

Lyric: “Wanderlust”, Frank Turner, 2011

Pandemic Bulletin: When I left work, my colleague told me about a mail, just in, from the people in charge: masks mandatory everywhere at work from now on, except at own desk (in a single occupancy office?).

Mood: Crappy. Again only half productive at work, the state of the World (aka Pandemic) worries me too much to really focus. Thinking about the lovely Frank Turner gig on this day two years ago didn’t help the gloomy mood either.

Positivity2020: I had a nice walk at the zoo after work. Hung out with my mum and Bro3 for a bit this evening. Tomorrow is a new day.

Here’s a photo from this afternoon

Racoon at the zoo
Racoon at the zoo

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