19.10.2020 | Lately I’ve been feeling kind of fragile…

Yep, it’s time for a Frank Turner lyric title again… From “Faithful Son”, 2009

Let’s call the Covid Notes Pandemic Bulletin #02 from now on:

A. For a moment I thought about hitting a few different stores while running errands today. Luckily I stopped myself in time, because I don’t really need to browse the sport store for new lounge or workout clothes. Neither do I have to go into the toy store next door to check if they have any interesting LEGO sets on offer. Reduce possible contacts, Susanne! Yes, even if you keep your distance and wear a face-covering. No need to go into those stores. So I only went to the DIY store to replace the lights for my bathroom. And by some more plants while I was there. At some point last year I threw out the last sad not really cared for plant, but I feel like making a new start…

B. My county reached the 50/100K within a week now as well with all the restricition that comes with it. As one of the last places in my region. My city seems to be about 56/100K if I read the numbers right. It’s a good thing I make my apartement cosy again.

C. I’ve fallen into the trap of panic buying a bit, I’m ashamed to admit. I don’t even know why… I’m a bit peculiar about my brand and flavour of pasta sauce. I also want to have enough of my favourite brand of 100% recycled toilet paper. Because using that is such an easy way to be ecofriendly. Funny enough the store had enough of that still availabe while the other racks were wiped out. It isn’t even that much more expensive. And just as soft as regular paper. But, why should I give you that advice? Just leave all that good one for me. Oh, and I still think “Hamsterkauf” is a nicer term, than “panic buying”, so feel free to adopt that one.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But back to some more regular stuff. Or not. I’m exhausted. I blame the earlyish appointment I had at another car dealership. Not going to buy that car though, too sporty for my taste and more expensive than the one I tested last week. I’m still also a bit gloomy and so listless today. I blame the pandemic for that. I really need to make some more lists of what I need / want to do this week. Hopefully I’ll get to that later at least.

I can’t get interested in any TV shows at the moment and when I want to have some noise on in the background I’m turning to the Gilmore Girls for the 3rd time since this mess started. It’s a bit pathetic. I’ve started reading a lot more though. Or at least I’m buying more books. Again. Still… whatever. If I keep that up I might need yet another new shelf for my books. The thing that gets us through this mess, right? I refuse to feel guilty about that even if I will never ever read all the books until this mess is over. 

Nothing more exciting happening. Here’s a picture of some of my new plants.

New plants in my livingroom
New plants in my livingroom

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