13.10.2020 | It Still Comes In Waves… #3

There is not much to say except that it’s still a lot of ups and downs moodwise for me. Especially today. I felt moderately productive and accomplished at work, two days in a row. I managed to not think about COVID and the state of the world / country / city at the moment, because it feels so overwhelming. Thank God for distracting LEGO sets, which force my mind to really focus on other stuff.

And still… all of a sudden my mind transports me back to the time mid-March, where I had planned to travel to the UK to see Frank Turner play some shows and how I cancelled that last minute and how much that broke my heart. I’m remembering that very vividly right now. It might also still be aftershocks from this tweet last night.

The fact that I’m browsing through various songs of my favourite bands to pick as requests for this …

doesn’t really help matters either. I miss live music from my favourite bands so so so much!

Off to bed now in hopes that I’ll feel a bit more upbeat tomorrow.

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