11.10.2020 | Lazy Sunday

There is not much to say about today. I spent the day hibernating at home. Every once in a while I thought I should get out and enjoy the often sunny day. But then I couldn’t be bothered in the end. And that’s fine as well. I refuse to feel guilty about it. After all I was kind of productive for a Sunday anyway. I got up around 8 (*gasp* I know), did a load of laundry. Had breakfast, caught up on my newspaper reading from this week. Sent a mail to friends I haven’t been in touch with for too long. Finished a novel. Had a small lunch. Contributed to a mail discussion among my Green Party group on the council. Built a lot of LEGO. Read a bit of a self-care book. Printed out the My Peak Challenge Month 1 workout schedule once again as I plan to start over tomorrow (I’m so out of shape). Had dinner. Built some more LEGO…. 

 The Green Party stuff is one of the other things I had jotted down to maybe write about. Not the political stuff itself, but how I react to the changes that the local election 4 weeks ago meant for us. We’ve gone from 3 people on the council to 5. Our speaker and I are two of those, the third person didn’t stand again. So it’s 3 ‘new’ people. Who are not new, because they’ve been active members of the local Green party for a long time, just never stood for or a got a council seat. And they are very enthusiastic and want to do all kinds of stuff and that’s good. It’s just a major change because we had settled into some kind of routine. Some might call it complacency. Either way, there is a lot more debate and arguments and some controversy between the old and new at the moment. And I’m not dealing well with arguments and controversy at the best of times. At the moment I’m oscillating between sucking it up and getting into to the debate on the one hand and taking a step back and not get involved too much on the other. Maybe I’m also just to sensitive about the tone of some of the emails. I don’t know… This afternoon I decided to just not check my Green emails until tomorrow morning, because I’m afraid it might spoil my otherwise rather mellow and relaxed mood. A bit of a chicken move, I know, but self-care priority and all that.

Hah, I can check that topic of my “to write about” list as well. Nice.

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