05.10.2020 | Sleep. Work. Being Baffled and Enraged!

I mentioned that I planned to get more sleep, right? Oh well. I went to bed around 22:30, fell asleep quickly and then was starting to wake up around 3:30 ish. Was tossing and turning and dozing for a while. Then thought, I might just as well do, what some people recommend, when you can’t fall asleep again. Get up, do something, try to go back to sleep later. So I got up around 4, made some tea, started noting down a few things in my to-do-list, emptied the dishwasher. Went back to bed. It all didn’t help much, so I got up around 4:45 again and started my day. Got some stuff done from my to-do-lists at least. Look on the bright side and all that.

Typed the above around 6:30 this morning, thinking it might become a many cups of coffee day. We’ll see.

It didn’t turn into a many cups of coffee day. Well, not more than usual on a Monday. Another busy day and a bit overwhelming. Also as usual. Am I the only one who starts a new week with doing a to-do-list with the old unfinished stuff from last week and the new stuff from this week and the list gets longer and longer each week? Or is that just me? *sigh* Good news, I’ll be taking a Friday / Monday off in two weeks time to get a bit of a break. Before the end-of-the-year rush that will be starting in November.

Something I heard on the radio this morning baffled me and I still wonder if I’m just strange (introvert, not the biggest ‘people person’) or actually one of the sane ones. Possibly a bit of both. In my part of the world by now you have to let authorities know / get permission if you want to throw a party for over 50 people in a commercial venue. I think you could still invite as many people as you like at home? Or maybe not that either. Anyway, the news was that in quite a few of the bigger cities, there is such a demand for permits. Not just dozens but hundreds of people all over must be calling in and inquiring and my reaction is: “WTF is wrong with those people?” I wouldn’t think of having a party with 50 guests in the best of times. But during a pandemic? I sort of get that there might be ocassions and events for large families they want to celebrate together. Weddings for instance. But I doubt all those requests are about weddings. They will be about 40th, 50th birthdays, Silver Wedding Anniversaries and whatever. Yes, you might have a large family and many friends and colleagues and neighbours. But there is a gobal pandemic going on with an airborne virus. Why do you want to stick dozens of people in a closed room NOW? I don’t get it! Don’t they read / hear the news? Don’t they care? Ugh…

Ok, I got that off my chest. I’m glad I’ve ordered two more LEGO sets to pass the time at home over the next few months, when everyone else is either out partying, fighting for their lives in the ICU or mourning the grandfather they killed off by their ignorance.

Hours after I typed the rant about people throwing parties during a pandemic the asshole in the White House tweeted “Don’t be afraid of COVID” after having received the best treatment money could buy and after over 200.000 people in the US have died of COVID. FUCK YOU TR*MP! I’m sooooooo mad right now. Speechless and enraged. So I better turn this all off and try to wind down before I go to bed.

*Jots down one other thought in the draft of the next post this week* 🙂

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