24.09.2020 | Sleep, Work, Sleep, Work….

Sleep | Two nights in a row with over 6 hours each. Almost rejuvenated. Busy and slightly frustrating day yesterday, busy but okayish day today. I’m still pretty knackerd and the flu shot I got this evening adds to the “lets just lie down and sleep” mood.

Notes | Yesterday I jotted down some notes here to maybe turn into a post. That obviously didn’t happen. Right now I can’t really makes sense of what I wanted to write about, when I left these notes. And can’t quite be bothered trying to remember it. Scatterbrain that I am.

Work I | Yesterday I felt a bit chasitised at work. Rightfully though as my supervisor reminded me that I need to be more proactive in my projects and be more in charge and all that. I know, I know. He was nice about it, even though I felt bad and guilty for a moment. I still do to some extent, because he’s right and I know I have to make more of an effort in that regard. But I’m usually not a “take charge” person at least it’s not in my nature. *sigh* A good thing though was that this moment didn’t leave me as frazzled and spiraling into self-doubt and self-loathing as it would have a few years ago. Although there is a annoying voice in my head whispering that maybe I should be more worried and flaggelating about it. *sigh again*

Work II | Today I spent about 3 hours in two sperate Zoom meeting in our international project and I’m always leaving those in a good mood. Motivated and inspired and just happy that I’m allowed to chat to other people in English about climate action and arts and culture and see super interesting projects from all over. I’m going to miss this when the project ends next summer. Some stuff reminded me that one of my favourite musicians – Felix Hagan – is writing the music to a climate crisis musical at the moment and I’m getting all giddy just thinking about it. Weird, but very welcome overlap from my professional life and my fangirl life.

Positivity #2020 | Lovely Inspiring Zoom chats # Late Summer feeling # Pizza on it’s way # It’s almost Friday.

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